A College with a Heritage History and Tradition

The history of the Government College of Commerce, Chittagong dates back to August, 1947, the month and year of partition of the British India which brought in the name of Pakistan an independent country on the world map. The Government commercial Institute at Calcutta being the only specializes Government Degree College for Commerce in the whole of undivided Bengal, had to be partitioned at thar time with about one-forrth of its movable assets as the share of Pakistan.

It was Mr. Abdus Samad, a senior prof e s sor of tha t ins t i t u t e and a r enowned economist of India who with the help of his trusted and able colleague Mr. S. Ahsan Sharfuddin took the great trouble of bringing those movable assets to Chittagong by risking his life as the brutal riot of Calcutta was going on at that time.

It was those few movable assets with which a college under the name of Government College of Commerce started functioning provisionally fron the last week of August, 1947, on the first floor of a two-storied rented building on the opposite of the G.P.O. ar the then court Road, Chittagong being the only Seaport of East Pakistan with a prominent place in the international trade, with many business firms and a foreign bank and with prospects of economic development by business, trade, commerce and indus t r y wa s cons ide r ed to be the ide a l and suitable place for the location of such a college.

A man of dynami c l e ade r ship and towe r ing personality with Qualities of head and heart, mr. Samad suc c e eded in conv inc ing the hi ghe r authorities the need of a separate specialized college only for commerce to meet the growing demands of a newl y independent count r y in respec t of qua l i f ied and t r a ined Commer ce Graduates required for Business firms, banks, insurance companies , t rading and indus t r ial concerns and ultimately in obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Education and the ministry of Finance of the then Government of East Pakistan for the functioning of the college as a separate and

specialized institute together with his appointment as t h e P r i n c i p a l . As the founder princi[al, the name and memory of Mr. Samd will never be wiped out frim the pages of hi s tor y of the s e col l e g e ang wi l l ne v e r be f o r g o t t e n f r om t h e h e a r t s o f t h e p e o p l e o f Bangladesh in general and Chi t tagoneans ni pa r t i cul a r for hi s unt i r ing e f for t s and g r e a t hardships not onlu for establishing this college but a l s o f o r g i v i n g i t a f u l l – f l e d g e d s h a p e . Although there was a great dearht of teachers at the out e e t be c aus e of a pr e s s ing demand of qualified post-graduates and as such both the intermediate and the Degree claddes had to be managed with teachers some as full-times and some other as part-times, but all of whom were highly qualificd and experienced.

This situation changed within four years and by the end of 1951 shor tage of teaching s taf f was ful ly sat i s f ied. As a recogniton to its past achievements and in anticipation of its future prospects, in 1957 this Co l l e g e wa s i f c l u d e d a l o n g wi t h o t h e r f i v e government colleges as a participant in the Intercollege exchange project of the Inernational Cooperation administration of the United States of Amer i c a of ei ght yea r s .

As for the terms and conditions of this project. The college had to be shifted to the commodions second floor of Nahar Building at the Strand Road, Simultaneously, the construction of own building of the college was started at Agrabad Commercial Area. In 1957, the college finally moved to its own newly completed b u i l d i n g . The year 1960 witnessed the opening og Branch council and starting of coaching classses of the then Pakistan Institute in Industrial Acccountants the p r e s e n t I n s t i t u t e o f c o s t a n d Ma n a e n e n t Accountants of Bangladesh with their Venues at t h i s c o l l e g e .